GO MOJI!! 360 Massager Review!

Being a runner, and really an athlete in general, I’m faced with times that everything hurts. I’ve finally found something that can help with that, and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING!

I received the Moji 360 Massager a few weeks ago. Sadly I got it RIGHT before the holidays and the end of my running streak, so I wasn’t able to use it too much and it just sat in my room. BUT I’ve finally been able to use it and I LOVE it!!

photo 2 (63) photo 1 (63)

So I wasn’t really sure how to use this tool.. there are smaller balls, and bigger ones, and I wasn’t completely sure on the best way to use it. LUCKILY, this playlist on YouTube exists and helps you get the most out of the 360 Massager.

The videos show you how the 360 Massager and alleviate IT pain, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Lower Back Pain, and a video on WHY we should use the Massager.  Best part? These videos are put on YouTube by Moji.. So you know that they’re telling you the best way to use the product!

Something else that I should mention.. I know that many people swear by “The Stick“.. But after having The Stick for more than 6 months, I can honestly say that the 360 Massager is better. Why you ask?

First and foremost, it doesn’t require as much pressure on the users part in pushing to get the pressure that you want on your leg. I always felt while using the stick that I was putting in more pressure than I was getting out. However, that is not the case with the 360 Massager.

Secondly, the two different size spheres allow for top and deep muscle massaging. Use the smaller ones in the middle for getting more of the surface muscles, then use two bigger spheres on either side to get deep into the muscles. AGAIN, without putting in nearly as much pressure as you do with The Stick.

Moji 1 – The Stick 0


So. This isn’t the only product that Moji has! It’s the only one that I have in my house, HOWEVER, the one of our friends that we went to hang out with over New Years works at Moji.. So guess what?! I GOT TO TRY OUT SO MANY AWESOME PRODUCTS!!!

The Foot 360 Massager was pretty awesome. I kept it on the floor and just kept using it throughout the night. My feet pretty much loved it.


The Moji Neck & Heat Wrap is awesome! Follow the instructions to warm the product.. then place on neck, or back.. Ahhh! AMAZING! I seriously sat on the couch with this thing on until it wasn’t so warm.. Which took probably 45 minutes! Kept the warm very well!!


They also have one for lower back.. This on my boyfriend tried on and loved. We were told that a lot of professionals that are on their feet all day like this one because they can put it on without their patients knowing. I can imagine this thing being the best thing about lunch break in an office!! PLUS, you can buy this one to be either heat or cold!


I saved the best thing for last. (Other than the 360 Massager that is.. well.. I could actually debate which one is better.. Depending on what hurts..) Moji Knee Ice Wrap… AH-MAZ-ING!! No mess or cleanup for ONCE! This Knee wrap allows you to move around while icing your knee! Need to walk the dog?! NO PROBLEM! Make dinner, fold the laundry?! NO PROBLEM!! Absolutely amazing! I could have had this thing on all night long! My knee had been bothering me all day, and it was amazing to have something so EASY to put on it!

From the inside of the wrap:
cell-with-wrap-largeOnce on the knee:

It’s safe to say that Moji is the new up-and-coming line of products for athletes! I know that I can find their 360 Massagers in Level Multisport in Birmingham, MI plus I have also seen them at Running Fit outside of Ann Arbor, MI. But guess what?! You can get FREE Priority shipping of your products so you don’t even need the leave the house!

You will NOT be disappointed with ANY of the Moji products, and that’s a fact!


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