Love Three Day Weekends!

I’m SO happy that this weekend is a three day weekend. However, it also leaves me in a pickle.. Hear me out. I decided to do the Winter Miles Challenge that Ms Jess over at Run with Jess has put together. AND I have my first half marathon of the year next Saturday..

So here’s the dilemma. After my run tonight, and tomorrow morning, I should be at 18.5 miles for the week.. But I want to reach 20.. Ok, so that’s an easy fix. I can just run 4.6 tonight instead of 3.1 and boom. 20 miles for the week hit. The REAL problem comes with the fact that I’m going up north with my boyfriend and his friends this weekend..

1 (1)

SO that means that the 8 miles that I had scheduled for Saturday is going to be tough. I’m sure that I can run the road that the cottage is on, and the one next to it for 8 miles (you know, seeing EVERY part of the road like 5 times).. BUT I also don’t want to be that person that has to get miles in.. Then again, we’re not skiing until Sunday. So if they all want to play hockey on Saturday, maybe I can get my miles in before most people wake up for breakfast and then it won’t be an issue.

I know that I come first, but at the same time this isn’t my place and I don’t want to seem like I HAVE to run.. But, you know, I do have too seeing that I have a half in a week that I’m less than prepared for.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.51.49 AM

So let’s hope that I can get 6-8 miles in on Saturday. The the rest of the week looks like this.

Sunday =0, Monday=3 (once home), Tuesday=3, Thursday=3, Friday=0, Saturday=13.1



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