Biggest Loser, A Weight-Loss Controversy

So I debated on writing this post.. Mostly because I know that my opinions are just that, MY opinions. However, I couldn’t let this go by without addressing it..

Who watched the Season Finale of The Biggest Loser last night? You can bet that I did! I’ve seen every episode and wouldn’t have missed it.. Not to mention that I SHOULD have been studying, but HAD to watch the finale live.. So let me tell you what I think about the finale, and in particular, Rachel.


First let me start saying that with I was SOOO proud of the contestants! I LOVE watching BL and love seeing everyone transition into a healthier lifestyle! Everyone looked so good and so happy.

I think the BIGGEST surprise for me was Tumi! I honestly didn’t even recognize her! Hard to believe that she went from 319lbs to only 144!!! So looked sooo fit and healthy!



SO. Now onto the controversial topic. Rachel. Rachel started at 260lbs and ended at 105lbs. Yes, you read that correctly 105LBS! She’s 5’4″ which makes you think that she might be underweight… And you’d be correct.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.58.18 PM

Her BMI is now 18.0, which is 0.5 under what is considered the ‘low end’ of healthy. She, by definition, is underweight. Gosh, even before she weighed in I thought she looked sickly. Skinny skinny arms, creases in her face.. She didn’t look healthy.



NOW, I understand that this is a contest and that she probably just wanted to guarantee that she would win. Oh gosh, at least that’s what I hope. But from someone who had a bad relationship with OVEREATING food, it looks as though it could have gone to the other side of the spectra.

I’m not saying that she’s anorexic, again, I understand that this is a contest. But what kind of example is it showing America when a girl is underweight and wins $250k.

That being said.. I did the math (aka: used an BMI calculator online) and found out that if she weighed just 3lbs more she would be considered ‘normal weight’ for her height.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.59.00 PM

So. We’re all bent out of shape that she’s so tiny, but when you think about it.. I’m sure that most supermodels have BMIs of a similar nature. Still not healthy, no, but still seen as ‘gorgeous’ in the eyes of many people.

Personally, I really hope that now that she has won that she realizes that she needs to gain about 10lbs to be healthy and does that. She seems like a wonderful girl and I’d hate to see her food addiction do a 180 and change into starvation.

What are your thoughts? Too skinny? Just right? Did she do it just for the money?




5 thoughts on “Biggest Loser, A Weight-Loss Controversy

  1. I didn’t watch Biggest Loser, but I know when I first began eating healthy I didn’t realize that I needed to eat twice as much as I did before because the food I was eating contained less calories, I dropped weight and ended up on the unhealthy side as well, but then when I realized the change I adjusted, not saying you are wrong in any sense but this could be a factor! I hope it’s something like this rather than an ed that would be a shame and so sad!

    • No way that is it. She was on the BL Ranch for 13 weeks.. She knew how to eat healthy while working out that intensely.. I think she dropped the last weight so extreme so that she could win the money.

      • Oh wow I have never even watched the show, but that’s to bad definitely giving the show a bad rep then!

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