Is It Spring Yet??

So recently I’ve been doing ALL of my workouts inside. Seriously, I haven’t ran outside since the ‘heatwave’ that we got last week where I did 4miles with some runners around where I live. So, how have I been able to log my miles on the treadmill?! How I have been able to talk myself into getting out of bed every morning and to the gym!? Well, let us take a look.


It hasn’t been easy getting up early. I think the only reason that I actually DO get up in the morning is because I enjoy knowing that I can go home as soon as I’m done with work and don’t have to worry about going to the gym. That, and I also enjoy getting a good parking spot in the parking garage if I do to the gym on campus.

Running on the treadmill is a bit harder to talk myself into. For example, I did 4 miles on the mill today and it felt like 12.. However, other days doing 5 seems like the easiest thing out there.. So how do I do it?!


1. Start with your ‘goal’ as something that seems easy.. Mine is usually 3 miles, and then I add on that I’m doing 2 miles after that. I mean, after three, the 2 is a new challenge and isn’t as daunting as getting on the mill knowing that you’re about to run 5 miles on it. Mind you, I usually know the distance that I’m going to run before I get on, but something about breaking it down into smaller goals makes it easier.

2. In the morning I watch the news. In the evening I watch whatever is on. Today I had to watch the news by reading subtitles.. I honestly think that helped because it seemed like everytime that I looked down .5 miles had gone by.

3. If you’re not running for length/endurance, then break it up. Do two miles, go do abs, then come back and do two more. I personally don’t do this because I’m training for half marathons and need to consecutive miles. But if you’re just running to get your cardio in, try breaking it up.


Thing is, now that I’ve gotten more comfortable on the treadmill isn’t harder for me to do other things. You know, like the stair stepper. I hate the elliptical (reminds me of when I was injured and couldn’t run), so I stay far away from those.

I’ve also been spicing up my workouts with erging (you know, those rowing machines). I used to row in college, so I’m pretty comfortable on one. However I warn you, if you don’t know how to do it PLEASE ask a trainer at your gym. The resistance should be 4-5, NOT 10. Honestly it’s PAINFUL for me to watch people try to erg.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to start swimming at least twice a week for 20+ minutes. I have plans to do a few triathlons this summer, but if I don’t get into the pool soon I’m going to end up drowning in the lake.


I hope all of your workouts are going well, whether they’re inside or outside!!


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