Valentines & a Half!

I’m SOO excited for this weekend! Seriously! I’m not even getting out of the cold for the weekend and I think it’s going to be great! As you all well know, tomorrow is Valentines! WHAT!? It’s already mid-way through February?! Insane!


So anyways! Tomorrow evening I’m going to be driving up to Mt Pleasant to hang out for the weekend. My boyfriend and I invited another couple, so we have dinner reservations at Lone Star for Valentines! Fun fact: My first ‘real job’ was at Lone Star.. ANYWAYS… I mean seriously, what’s more romantic than shoveling your mouth full of steak, potatoes, and some beer?!


Well. Probably no beer for me to be honest. I mean, I have a HALF MARATHON the next morning! Yup, I’m running race #2 in the Winter Warrior series. I’m SUPER excited for this one because I don’t have to leave Detroit at 4:30am to drive up to Mt Pleasant.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.08.48 AM

Lucky me, I even talked the other girlfriend to run the 5k! I’m pretty stoked! Well, sadly then they have to leave because she has a concert to go to Saturday evening. HOWEVER, the boy and I are going to hang out and go to Soaring Eagle Casino to drink and get our gambling on!

download (1)

It’s basically about to be an epic weekend! I hope you are all ready for the race/weekend recap next week! I’m sure it’s going to be Legen.. wait for it.. Dary. LEGENDARY! 😉


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