Icecube Half Marathon Recap

So. To discuss this race I really need to tell you about the whole weekend. So I would advise you to make sure that your coffee cup is full if you plan on getting through this whole thing with me.

So. We left on Friday evening around 5:30pm to head up to Mt Pleasant. We had dinner reservations at Lone Star for 8:15pm. It’s a 2hr and a few minute drive, so we were already pretty sure that we were going to have to go straight to the restaurant so we didn’t miss our reservations.

The ride was pretty painless. We took N-75 the majority of the way, so once we passed Great Lakes Crossing it was smooth sailing! Luckily the boy thought about taking 75 instead of 696 like I would have, or else we totally would have been uber late.

Photo Feb 14, 4 32 24 PM

We got to the hotel a little before 8pm (before we thought we would!) and took our stuff up to the room and waited for our friends to get there. They drove separate since they weren’t staying the extra night, after the race. They got there around 8:10pm and we drove to Lone Star.. And by drove I mean we could have walked..

The other girlfriend and I went in to get our seats, and the boys went to 1. Buy beer. 2. Take their things to the hotel. 3. Drop off the car at the hotel so that they could walk back and we could all enjoy some drinks at the restaurant.

I kept saying before we got up to there that I was going to have ‘a few’ drinks. I mean, it was Valentine’s day afterall. Not to mention that I knew that we were going to go to the casino after dinner, so I wanted to leave myself some room to enjoy myself.

Well. The waitress asked us what we wanted to drink as soon as me and the other gf sat down. “Strawberry daiquiri please.”.. It’s a good thing that both her and I decided that this ‘race’ was more of a training run than anything.. She ended up with a cherry margarita.

Photo Feb 15, 7 05 46 PM

The boys finally got to the restaurant and we ordered food.. And more drinks.. #2: Long Island Iced Tea.

Dinner was delicious. I had a burger and fries.. Pre-race fuel, obviously. Then we all walked back to the hotel, with a slight buzz, to have a beer before we took the shuttle to the the casino. If you need to stay in Mt Pleasant for any reason and want to go to the casino stay at the Baymont Inn & Suites. It was super nice to have a FREE shuttle to the casino!

Anyways. So we got to the casino and the first thing we did? Find the bar. SOOO about those ‘few drinks’.. haha. Let’s just say that I had a few more (seriously, only like three more). Then finally went back to the hotel at 1:30am.. OH, did I mention that this is a RACE recap?!

So, I set my alarm for 7am. Alarm went off and I knew I had to get up and get moving. Luckily the race wasn’t until 9am, so I had some time. Went down to breakfast and had some food, and coffee, to make sure I was.. umm.. ready.

Went back upstairs around 7:45am to make sure that the other gf was up. She wasn’t. Luckily I was able to start moving around and everyone woke up without me actually having to wake anyone up. SO I got dressed. She got dressed. Then we made our way to the car to head to the race. (around 8:30am).

After getting a bit lost and assuming that we were going to miss the beginning of the race, we found the location, got our bibs, and were ready to party.. and by party, I mean run.

The race started a bit late, but they did that to make sure that everyone got through the registration line before the race started. Normally I wouldn’t have been too happy. However I was part of that ‘still need to get my bib’ line, so it was nice.

The race itself wasn’t very eventful. Luckily the pavement was of this crazy thing we call ‘clear’ (aka: not snow covered), and even the backroads weren’t too bad. Around mile 3-4ish I raised my arm out to be parallel with to road.. yup.. the snow ‘mountains’ on the side of the road were definitely taller than my shoulder.. To be honest, some of the time they were over my head.. I’m 5’6″. It was insane.

That portion that last race was SUPER rough (miles 4-9ish) wasn’t so bad this time. It was still icy, but it seemed like someone intentionally left some snow on the edges of the road to allow us to run on snow! I know they didn’t, but it definitely seemed that way! It was beautiful!

All in all this race was good. Pace went from 10:38/mile last race to 10:02/mile this time around. DEFINITELY had more to do with the road conditions than it did how I was running. Finished in 2:11:44 according to my GPS.

Photo Feb 15, 12 28 06 PM

Afterwards, since the other gf had already been picked up (she did the 5k), I got my sweatshirt and headed back to the hotel. Showered longer than I needed to, the heat felt amazing, and then we went to lunch. Panera! Which honestly seems to be the thing I always end up having post-race, and I’m not mad about it at all!

After lunch I took a LONG nap. Then the boy and I got dinner and headed back to the casino. Not as many drinks as the night before.. BUT we finally decided we were over gambling our money and went back to the hotel to hang out in the hot tub.. Of course we took beers. It was glorious! We met a few people that we ended up talking to and drinking with by the pool for some time, then decided to go back upstairs, eat some leftovers from dinner, and pass out.

All in all the weekend couldn’t have been any more perfect! It was SOOO nice to have a hotel for before and after the race! I’m hoping to talk my mom into wanting to stay for the last of the Winter Warrior series in March with me!

Hope I didn’t bore you with too much detail!


What is YOUR next race?! 


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