My Go-To Meal— WIAW #29

Until recently I wasn’t eating rice. Why? Probably because I was paleo for a while and rice is a no-no for many paleo peeps. Anyways, I wasn’t eating rice until recently when the boy and I decided that we wanted Chipotle for dinner.. LIFE CHANGER!

SO. For today’s WIAW I wanted to let you know what my go-to meal is.. which is what I had for dinner last night, and what I’m having for lunch today.

photo 3 (53)

“Chipotle” Bowl

1/2 cup dry rice (cooked to yield ~1 cup of rice)
pinto beans
meat (depends on what I have, I’ve used chicken breast, chicken sausage, or what is pictured is italian sausage)
shredded cheese

Put rice in bowl, top with beans, meat, cheese, salsa and guac. Enjoy!

And let’s be honest, I mix it up thoroughly before I eat it.. So it really looks like this…

photo 4 (44)


As usual, let’s thank Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting the WIAW party every week!


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