No More 14 in 2014… Kinda

SO I had bold ambitions to run 14 half marathons in 2014. BUT I’ve decided that that isn’t going to happen.


But you want to know what IS going to happen?!?!?!?


14 RACES in 2014! So basically I’m just altering my ambition! I’m actually already signed up for 12… PLUS, let us do the math really fast….

It would look like this:
12 half marathons = 157.2 miles
one 10 mile race= 10 miles
one 50k = 31 miles

Total= 198.2 miles
divided by 14 = 14.157 miles / race

So basically by NOT doing only half marathons I’ll actually average more than a half marathon per race.. (Thank you Ultra Marathon for that one!)

So yup. Just wanted to let you guys know!!


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