Vega Bar Review

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review some Vega Bars!

photo 1 (84)

As the name indicates, Vega bars are plant-based VEGAN snack bars.  After an epic fail of opening up the box I was excited to try these bars.. I was given 8 different bars: four sport bars (2 protein, 2 energy), two snack bars, and two Vega One meal bars.

photo 2 (82) photo 3 (59) photo 4 (48) photo 5 (37)

I first tried the Dark Chocolate Mixed Nut and Sea Salt bar at school one day when I got my 3pm hunger.. It was DELICIOUS! It was like a block of dark chocolate with sea salt, but better and healthier! I would definitely recommend it!

photo 1 (83)

The next one I tried was the Chocolate Coconut protein sport bar! I went for the protein one because I ran in the morning AND did T25 so I knew my body would need some extra protein during the day.. It was alright..  The taste was good, but the inside of the bar was pretty ‘chalky’.. The second protein bar, Chocolate Mint, was the same way.. Chalky.. Honestly I would NOT recommend these.

photo 3 (58) photo 5 (35)

This could be because I’m not vegan so I’m used to eating that type of consistency, but it was just not good.

photo 4 (47)

The last bar that I tried was the other snack bar, Cranberry Almond. Let me tell you, I love both cranberry and almonds and I HATED this bar. I only ate it because I was hungry.. it was sticky so I wouldn’t even touch it with my hands.. and it was just not good.. definitely would not recommend it.

I haven’t tried either of the meal bars, nor the energy sport bars.. I plan on trying the energy sport bar before my run today.. And I’m not a fan of ‘meal bars’ because I think they’re just silly.. But they might be good to put in my desk at work incase I need some food if I get caught here longer than I anticipate.

So, out of the four bars that I tried I only enjoyed one. You can take from that what you want, but this is just an honest review of products that I received to try!

Disclaimer: All thoughts are my own. I was not compensated for my review, but I did receive the products for free to do an honest review on.


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