WIAW {21 Day Fix}

It’s WEDNESDAYYYY. You know what that means?! Well, 1. I don’t teach. 2. Group run in the morning. 3. WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY!

Let us take some time to thank Ms Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting this lovely party every week! THANKS JENN!!


So anyways, I told you guys on Monday that I’m doing the 21 Day Fix! That means that my foods all have pretty colored hearts to go with them! (Minus the orange, have you noticed that there is no orange heart on the emoji keyboard for iPhone?! SAD!).. Anyways, here is what I had on MONDAY because you guys should know by now that I forget to take pictures of my food.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 6.39.55 PM

Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology (red), 1/2 banana (purple) and 1/2 cup almond milk (yellow)

Snack: (not pictured, raw pumpkin seeds (orange)).

Lunch: Spinach (green), quinoa (yellow), chicken (red) salad with hot sauce and some balsamic vinaigrette (1 tsp)

Snack: Raspberries/blueberries (purple) and hummus (blue) with carrots (green)

My “I wanted something sweet” pre-dinner snack: Strawberry shakeology (red) with 1/2 banana (purple)

Dinner: Sweet potato (yellow), chicken (red), and two servings of brussels cooked in coconut oil (2 green + 2 tsp)


Dinner was so big that I couldn’t finish all of the brussels! AND I LOVE BRUSSELS! So I’m working on eating differently during the day!


One thought on “WIAW {21 Day Fix}

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