Some people just don’t get it..

So, recently I was talking to a friend about what we did after work. (He’s a graduate student too.) And I replied that I normally run, or go to the gym. “No, like what’s your hobbies, what do you like to do?” he asked. To which I replied, “I told you, I run or go to the gym.”

He was dumbfounded that my ‘hobby’ is working out. He told me, “I feel that every human has the need to make something with their hands.” Obviously, he’s referring to the fact that when he gets home from work he heads over to a ‘nerdy’ shop where you can basically build anything. Cool? Absolutely! My cup of tea? Nope.

I started to question myself… Is working out really a hobby? I mean, does putting yourself into some mental state where everything leaves you alone, and nothing can bother you, is that a hobby? I wasn’t sure, so I consulted Google.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.24.15 AM

Google let me know, that a hobby is defined as “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”… (Also a pony, which I was unaware of!).. Anyways.. Right.. So I’m still thinking that my working out is considered a hobby. And you know what, I’d rather have working out as a hobby than a chore.

Honestly. How awesome is it to be someone who looks forward to getting their ass handed to them day in and day out during a workout!? I LOVE walking into the box (that’s what we call a crossfit gym) knowing that I’m going to leave drenched in sweat. I love starting a running that I think is going to suck, only to realize four miles in that it’s going 200% better than expected.

Some people don’t get it. I understand that. Some people don’t understand that the being pushed to my limits is one of the times that I’m enjoying life the most. They don’t understand that going to the box, then running on the same day isn’t insanity, it’s actually what’s keeping me sane. They don’t understand that waking up sore makes me smile, and seeing myself get stronger makes me happier than anything else could.


Some people don’t understand but I suppose I’m grateful for that. Because it means that I am a unique person, and for that I am happy.



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