Five Things Friday [07/11/14]

Hey guys! It’s weird how crazy I’ve been lately! Seriously, somehow as soon as summer hit I’ve been off the charts crazy! But since I’m sitting at my kitchen table, sipping some coffee, waiting to go run 13 miles, I figured it was a perfect time to catch you guys up with me. 🙂


1. I absolutely LOVE crossfit!
So I know I mentioned in an early post that I’ve finally started CF, and I’m sure that’s part of the reason why I’m always so busy, but I just love it. I honestly didn’t know that I could enjoy weightlifting so much! How I just want to look like those girls at the CF games! 😉


2. I haven’t been super committed to my long runs.
So here’s the thing, I got knocked off running for a week a few weeks back and it’s been hard to get back into the swing of things. For example, technically according to my training plan I’m supposed to run 26 miles tomorrow. Well I’m going a 5k tomorrow PLUS I don’t think I’m prepared to run 26 yet, so I’ve decided to run 13 today, then 10 tomorrow morning, and then the 5k.


3. Work/School is insanely busy.
This week alone, I’ve been at work until 6pm or later every day. (And I anticipate it being the same today too.) I’m preparing for my Oral Exam which is where I get to tell my committee everything that I’ve been doing, and then they ask my questions on it, and anything else they want to ask me about, and then decide if I get to be a PhD candidate or not. Talk. About. Stressful.


4. In other news, I’ve realized my addiction to coffee is real.. And NO, I’m not upset about it. But I did find this article which I realized is mostly true. The struggle is real people.


5. And last but not least: I’m currently a week in of doing the 21 Day Fix, paleo style. You see, a box near my parents was starting a 30 day paleo challenge and I thought, “gosh, I loved being paleo, I should jump on this challenge with them”… BUT the same day I was also starting a challenge group of the 21 Day Fix.. So anyways, next week I’m going to post some EASY recipes that are keeping me from starving (because I’m busy, not because either the Fix or Paleo would actually cause me to starve). So stay tuned for that!! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


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