Five Things Friday [07/18/14]

So it’s Friday.. I can’t say that it really matters, because I’ll be at work all weekend.. OHHH the joys of grad school..


1. For your enjoyment.. This is me daily..

2. PRed my deadlift this week.. 193lbs! That’s roughly 60lbs more than I weigh. Yup. I was stoked. 200, I’m coming for you!!!


3. Last weekend at my hometown 5k I managed to win my age group.. after running 10 miles.. It was also a PR.. Basically I was stoked! 25:40! Boom!! My little sister and dad walked it, and my little sister even managed to snag third place in her age group!!



4. I’m contemplating a new tattoo! (Bet you didn’t know I even had one!!).. But anyways, I’m not looking for you opinion on tattoos because I know that everyone has their own opinions. BUT just incase you’re wondering what I’m thinking about.. it might be something like this! (and NO, not on my wrist!! definitely someplace that can be easily hidden!)


5. How to spot a runner 101: Look for the compression socks!! I went on a run and then had to hussle around to run some errands on Wednesday so I ended up looking like this. I got asked if I as a soccer play, to which I replied, “Nope, I’m a runner.”



Anyways. Have a great weekend everyone!!!! πŸ™‚ Relax, enjoy the weather, and try not to work too hard! πŸ™‚


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