Five Things Friday {09/26/14}


1. I’ve been dying all week.. Ok ok, not ‘dying’ but it feels like I have been. I started to have a sore throat last week on Wednesday or Thursday, well, Sunday on my way back from Nebraska it went into my chest and turned into a cough.. Which then turned into sinuses.. SOOO yea.. I’ve been a bit under the weather and haven’t worked out or anything since Saturday. 😦


2. Despite becoming ill, Nebraska was a blast! The drive sucked, but that’s expected. However spending the weekend shopping and having some drinks with one of my best friends was wonderful! I haven’t gotten much time to spend with him since he joined the Air Force (we used to spend every morning together senior year of HS when we went to Calculus together).. So it was a GREAT, much needed vacation!


3. OH, I haven’t told you! Speaking of vacations, I’m going to VEGAS in November! WOOHOO! It’s ok, you can be jealous! Andrew had some free hotel nights so we decided that Vegas would be fun. Plus his best friend, who goes to school in Cali, is going to meet up with us with some of his friends! PARRTTTYYYY!!!!


4. I’ve been beating myself up about not working out this week.. Yes, Yes, I know I’ve been sick.. That also leads me to this decision.. I’m not going to run the half marathon that I’m signed up to race this weekend, Brooksie Way. Sadly running a half after being sick all week is probably not the best form of recovery. However, cake tasting with my best friend for her wedding might be. 😉

5. I’m kind of in love with this song… Don’t judge…


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