Five Things Friday {10/10/2014}

HELLO EVERYONE!!! Gosh, I love Fridays! I’m sure that I’m not in the minority here.. Something about having TWO full days of ‘nothing’ is wonderful.. and by nothing, I mean things other than work.. sometimes..

1.The boy and I are going bowling tonight with one of my best friends and her fiancé! I’m pretty excited. Partly because last time we saw them it was us stuffing our face with cake for her cake testing, and partly because I haven’t been bowling in forever!!


2. I have a Symposium to go to for work on Saturday. UGH! Luckily since it’s at my University I’m just going to go for the poster session where I’ll present the work that I’ve been doing. (Picture from last year’s Symposium… I really miss my hair. =[ )


3. Saturday night we have plans of going out in Royal Oak with my box for a ‘night on the town.’ I’m pretty excited about it to be honest.. I’m not really planning on staying out long, or drinking, but it will be nice to hang out with everyone and just enjoy the evening. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a glass of wine to pre-game for going home to watch one of the Saw movies. 🙂


4. Sunday I’m going to take Andrew to Stony Creek Metropark!! I figure with the leaves all changing it would be nice to hike some of the trails.. One of my best friends and her boyfriend are going to come too! It’ll be fun! I just hope that it’s not too cold!


5. THEN we’re going to go to Yates Cider Mill! I’ve been wanting to go to a cider mill for YEARS and have never gotten around to it.. I’m going to be honest, I’m REALLY going to want a donut, but I’m going to have to pass.. (Abs don’t make themselves.) But I’m definitely getting some cider to take home! Delicious.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.33.31 AM

Well I hope you all have a fun filled weekend!! 🙂


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