Five Things Friday [07/18/14]

So it’s Friday.. I can’t say that it really matters, because I’ll be at work all weekend.. OHHH the joys of grad school..


1. For your enjoyment.. This is me daily..

2. PRed my deadlift this week.. 193lbs! That’s roughly 60lbs more than I weigh. Yup. I was stoked. 200, I’m coming for you!!!


3. Last weekend at my hometown 5k I managed to win my age group.. after running 10 miles.. It was also a PR.. Basically I was stoked! 25:40! Boom!! My little sister and dad walked it, and my little sister even managed to snag third place in her age group!!



4. I’m contemplating a new tattoo! (Bet you didn’t know I even had one!!).. But anyways, I’m not looking for you opinion on tattoos because I know that everyone has their own opinions. BUT just incase you’re wondering what I’m thinking about.. it might be something like this! (and NO, not on my wrist!! definitely someplace that can be easily hidden!)


5. How to spot a runner 101: Look for the compression socks!! I went on a run and then had to hussle around to run some errands on Wednesday so I ended up looking like this. I got asked if I as a soccer play, to which I replied, “Nope, I’m a runner.”



Anyways. Have a great weekend everyone!!!! 🙂 Relax, enjoy the weather, and try not to work too hard! 🙂


I’ve been negligent.. I’m sorry

Hey guys. So I mentioned almost a MONTH ago that I’ve been busy.. I wasn’t lying.. School/work, working out, training, life.. You know.. Just trying to get through the week without going completely insane. Some days are easier said than done, others I’m pretty sure I’m on the edge..

So let me do some catching up with you guys! We’ll try to do this in order that I don’t get completely off topic (because we know that I do that a lot)..


I FINALLY passed all of the exams that I needed to pass. WOOOHOOO! GO BRITTANY!! Yea, I was pretty excited to say the least! If you don’t remember, in grad school we have these things called cumulative exams (or CUMES) that we need to pass. An unknown writer of said exam will post a topic two weeks before (usually a few papers or sometimes a whole area of chemistry) and we have to study it and pass the exam. NO FUN! But I’m finally done which is a really really good thing!

I’m also now gearing up to write and present for my Oral Exam. This is where I go in front of my committee and tell them why I’m doing what I’m doing, show them that I know what I’m doing, (and that I actually do indeed know chemistry), and then they let me know if I’m allowed to stay in the program or not.. Talk about nerve wrecking!! But I promise to not be so negligent, I’ll still write even if it’s just a short bit!


Working out:
SOOOOOO this is the exciting news of this post. I JOINED A CROSSFIT GYM!!!! Gosh, I talked about is so many times it was about time that I joined one. A new one opened near me and I just had to go try it out.. Well I fell in love! I’m in my third week and it’s great.. HOWEVER it’s gotten to me realize that 1. I have no upper body strength, and 2. Injuries need to be taken care of (IT bands can be run on a lot while they’re not stretched, however it’s harder to squat when they’re all messed up).


So as you know I’m training for my first Ultra marathon in September. I’ve been keeping pretty well to my training plan, but crossfit has made it a bit more challenging. However I’m not letting myself get down on it, I know that some days are going to hurt and that I need to rest. Those days I’m resting if I feel it’s needed, and other days I’m pushing through if I know I can.

I am doing the INSANE this weekend however.. SO I’m training for a 50k, that’s 31 miles.. So insanity is making a planned 24 mile training run into a 36 mile unassisted ultra marathon. So, maybe these past few weeks HAVE made me insane. Luckily I’ll be running with a friend who runs my nice leisurely pace for the whole 36 miles, so I’m not too worried.. We’ll have lots of good conversation!


So this is the hard one. Two weeks ago the boy and I broke up. Details aren’t needed, but I thought it necessary to let you guys know since it’s part of why I’ve been so absent the last few weeks. I’m trying to keep my head up, but as I’m sure you all know, some days are better than others. So feel free to keep me in your thoughts! 🙂

My favorite quote of all time. Picture taken at Poto Trails!

My favorite quote of all time. Picture taken at Poto Trails!

WELL!! It’s Tuesday and that means that.. well.. It doesn’t mean anything expect that you guys are awesome and I’m sorry I’ve been so distant! I won’t do it again! I promise!! 🙂