Fight For Air Climb Recap

I know I mentioned on Friday that I’d get a Fight for Air Climb recap for you, I’m sorry that it took so long but sadly I’ve been super busy.. With what, I’m not really sure, but I have been. haha.

ANYWAYS. Let’s start with that morning.. I got up around 8ish to get ready, headed to Tim Hortons for my normal pre-race/long-run breakfast: Large two cream, one sugar and a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter. DELICIOUS!

The roads were pretty bad, we got about 3 inches of snow the night before and the expressway hadn’t been plowed yet. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as it could have been because there were quite a few tracks.

I decided to park at Greektown to casino because I know how the parking works there. Sadly it wasn’t until AFTER I paid to use the People Mover that I realized that it doesn’t start until noon on Sundays.. YEA, that would have been nice to know. Luckily the Renaissance Center is like .25 miles STRAIGHT down one road, so I just decided to walk rather than try to deal with parking, plus I was already super flustered and just wanted to get there.

photo 1 (68)

So I walked to the Ren Center and found where everyone was meeting. I walked around for a bit, used the restroom, then decided to take my things to the gear check. Even though it took me a bit to find it, I eventually did then just had to wait for my time to climb, which was scheduled for 9am.

photo 4 (37)

Well, as I was going to walk down to hang out with everyone waiting to climb I ran into Jennifer from Wine to Weightlifting.. FINALLY! Seriously, we’ve been talking for probably close to a year and I FINALLY met her! She was heading up to her office in one of the towers with her friend and invited me along, so we went to drop things off then (I got the picture below) headed back down to climb.

photo 5 (29)

They finally called our numbers and we lined up to climb. They were letting people go off at about 15 second intervals so that we wouldn’t all be on top of one another. I guess I looked nervous, because when it was my turn to go the guy looked at me, “Hold on.. Take a breath… Are you nervous?” “Yes, I am”.. “Well don’t be, ok one second… alright you can go”.. I’m pretty sure that there ended up being about 30 seconds between me and the person before me.

So then the climb started. I had headphone, though I heard that most people are done around 10-15 minutes so it’s not necessary. However, I’m definitely a ‘working out with music’ type of person so I just went with it. The first 10 flights I had a nice jog to my steps, but then my quads were so on fire that I started walking and using the handrails to my advantage.

Before I knew it I was half way done, floor 35. My quads were on fire, the stairwell was very dry and my throat hurt, and that’s when it really hit me… Why I was doing this race.. To FIGHT for air…

I kept going, only stopping for split seconds to regain myself before climbing another flight. When I was discouraged I just thought about my Uncle David and that this climb was for HIM. That his name was on my back of my shirt and that I didn’t want to let him down, that I knew he was watching over me.

Then there were 10 floors left. My Uncle was with me then. He kept my legs moving. Filled my lungs with air. Pushed me up those stairs.

photo 2 (67)

“In Loving Memory of David Drinkhouse”

I was so overjoyed when I got to the top. I was close to tears. It was a very emotional climb, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I knew that my Uncle was with me and I was happy to have fought with his name on my back. To be honest, if they would have let me, I would have done the climb again.

photo 4 (36)

After the climb they took up back down stairs, via elevator, and we got our medals then got to hang out in the expo and check out the goodies. I’m all about free stuff so I stocked up.

photo 3 (45)


I waited around with Jennifer and her friend until they told us how to check our times then I headed out for my niece’s birthday party.. OH, and it was 11:30am.. so still no people mover.. ugh.. won’t make that mistake again.

photo 5

On the plus side, I was still climbing stairs back to my car!

photo 2 (66)

All-in-all it was a GREAT experience and I will DEFINITELY be back! I also would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated! I surpassed my goal of raising $100, and actually ended up collecting $250 in total (+/- $10, I don’t exactly remember). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!



Five Things Friday.

Holy bejesus it’s been a LONG week! As a quick recap, Tuesday I didn’t go into work/school so that I could study all day. Wednesday I was on campus from 8am-8:15pm, complete with an exam at 7pm. Thursday I felt like I was trying to play catch-up.. Luckily I’ve just decided to go into work on Saturday if necessary so I didn’t pay TOO much catch-up.


1. I got THIS awesome device and have yet to use it! SAD! I will next week, but with my crazy week there just wasn’t any time to go to the pool.. Getting to the gym was even hard this week!

photo 1 (66)

2. BECAUSE of said crazy schedule, I was able to eat breakfast at home all week! You know what that means?! WARM steel cut oats with a banana! WOOHOO!

photo 3 (44)

3. Sunday I did the Fight for Air Climb at the Ren Center in Detroit! A full recap is coming soon, but I needed to show you some awesome pics!

photo 2 (66)

4. I received an Ouch! Wrap in the mail.. Full review coming soon, but I can assure you that it’s AWESOME!

photo 5 (28)

5. Remember awhile ago how I said how awesome my Moji 360 Massager was?! WELL, I got the knee wrap and the mini massager! I came home to them on Saturday after my long run.. Guess who put the knee wrap to use right away?! THIS GIRL! It’s seriously heavenly!

photo 4 (35)




Fight For Air Climb, In Loving Memory

Hey guys!

Let me start out this post with letting you know that I’m not one to ‘beg’ for money. Usually when I find a race that requires raising money I decide not to do it, even if for a good cause. I suppose that I find it hard to ask for money because I know that many people don’t have a lot of excess to give.


However, this cause is very close to my heart. I’ve decided to participate in the Fight For Air Climb in Detroit this year. It is March 2nd, and we will be running the stairs of the GM Renaissance Center.


I wanted to do this run last year but I found out about it pretty close to the day of the climb, so I wasn’t able to participate. However, this year I’m ALREADY signed up (let’s count that as race number 6 that Brittany is already signed up for in 2014). Which means, that I have ample amount of time to get donations for the cause.

The donation part of this climb is a minimum of $100, with more obviously not being turned away.

Let me tell you why I decided that, despite the donation, I need to do this climb.

A few years ago my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was around 65 years old and had never smoked a day in his life. He was a very active person, we always used the joke that he could put an All-You-Can-Eat buffet out of business. He active, healthy, and loved his Alaskan life.

The way that I hear it, he was on a fishing(?) trip and was getting winded for, what seemed to be, no reason. Within days he went to the doctor and found out that he had stage three lung cancer. There was nothing they could do. He was dying. I’m pretty sure that he died within the month. (I try not to remember too many details, it was a sad time.)

My grandma had to bury her son. My mom and aunt had to bury their brother. My cousins had to bury their father. My aunt had to bury her husband. The whole family was devastated.

My uncle and his daughter

My uncle and his daughter

The climb is my way of fighting against lung cancer in memory of my uncle. You can bet that there will be tears when I finish the climb and will have “In Loving Memory of Uncle David” written on my back.

I know that you are under no obligation to donate. But if you would like to please go HERE to my personal page to donate.

Thank you so much!