It’s that time of the week again! Time for What I Ate, Wednesday!! You know, I’ve been thinking about how funny it is that it’s WAIW since technically we post about what we ate on Tuesday, but we do it on Wednesday. So I guess the comma is needed, right? Well, honestly I’m not sure.. I’m a chemistry major for a reason, that english stuff is tricky!

Anyways! Let us pay thanks to Ms Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting this amazing event! THANK YOU JENN!!


Now onto my Tuesday.. well, Wednesday.. oh you know what I mean..

Finally made my ‘normal’ breakfast again! Last week was a nice change (remember my Smiling Breakfast?) but I like this one pot (or crockpot rather) breakfast!

photo 2 (16)

Lunch! Ok, let me tell you about those meatballs. I had some pork thawed in my fridge and I was trying to figure out what kind of meat dish to make from it.. Well, I decided on meatballs.. Well, I also had this weird Strawberry Curry Paleo Preserves that I’d gotten from Ms Jennifer over at Wine to Weightlifting in a giveaway.. So I opened it up, smelled it, and decided to try it out. I added some cinnamon, white pepper, cheyenne chili power, and chili pepper to the pork. (More cinnamon than any amount of the others, but still some of them all.) Then I topped them with that weird Strawberry Curry Paleo Preserves, and let me tell you, DELICIOUS!! The one pound of pork made 12 meatballs, three with some veggies is the perfect lunch/dinner.

photo 3 (13)

Post work (work is school and school is work, well it is now.. perks of being a graduate student) snack! Cashew butter, Strawberry Orange Paleo Preserves & an apple!

photo (12)

My first training ride! Ok, so not food, but I needed to add it in here!

photo 4 (6)

Yes, so this is dinner that looks exactly like lunch.. and was delicious. just. like. lunch! Oh, and this was accompanied by a class of wine.. yum!

photo 5 (5)

And yes, my dessert looks just like my post work snack + banana.. yup.. I eat a lot of the same things over and over.. But they’re all delicious!



Easy Paleo Chicken Chili

So I’ve made this a few times. It’s never completely the same, but I needed to stop by and show it off to you guys!



photo 2 (14)


photo 3 (11)


I’ve added it to spaghetti squash, sweet potato, and I’ve eaten it just plain.. It’s great!


And I know, canned chicken isn’t really paleo, but hey.. I’m a poor graduate student and have to use what I have.. PLUS it’s better than oreos and bonbons! =]


Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.58.59 AM


So I’m still working on how to get EasyRecipes onto my blog, but I have to proctor in 40 minutes and couldn’t take the time to figure it out.. I promise I’ll figure it out soon enough!

But it’s easy, just throw everything together in a pan and let it simmer.. the latest time I made this I used a bottle of Pace Salsa so I didn’t need any seasoning.. just take a few tastes as you’re making it to see how it tastes and add accordingly!


Have a great day everyone, enjoy the sunshine while you can!!!

Sometimes I eat too fast– WIAW

Other times I just eat before remembering to take pictures.. well, at least I got a picture of the FIRST TIME I used my food processor!!!

Seriously makes food prep SO much easier.. well at least it did when I was making my breakfast. That I make every week because it makes enough that I don’t have to make breakfast all week. Which is nice because somedays I get up so early that the last thing I want to do is cook. Plus I’m a poor graduate student, so the fact that I can make my breakfast for the whole week for like $8 or so is awesome in my book!!

Oh yea, WIAW.. Send a thank you to our host Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.

Now time to check out my eats!

Two things to notice. One: I remembered to take a picture pre-lunch. Two: I devoured breakfast and dinner.

Oh and I guess we can add three: I hardly ever eat anyplace but at my couch/coffee table and my desk.. yea.. graduate school will do that to you.