You know.. when I wrote the title I was definitely thinking of it spoken like those Monster Truck commercials.. You know.. like these ones!

Well, in Friday fashion.. let us start with a delicious cupcake to drool all over our keyboard for!! Look at those beauties! Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts from Danielle over at Against All Grain! Make sure to head over to her website to show her some love.. NOT TO MENTION that her new cookbook is coming out soon! You can pre-order it on Amazon!

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Now onto the random things that have been circling my mind all week..

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1. I eat WAY too much nut butter! Yes, it’s true! I got some awesome NuttZo from a giveaway and I had to toss the last third of the jar because I was eating WAYY too much with a spoon.. Normally I’d just go with it, but I’ve noticed that lately I haven’t been feeling 100% (headaches for dayyysss!) and I honestly think that nuts might be playing some part in it..



photo 2 (39)

2. I went on my first nature run in FOREVER last weekend! Since I raced on Sunday, when I headed to my sister’s house on Saturday I decided to stop off at a Michigan State Park to do a nice nature jog.. Just 20 minutes, but it was beautiful… I parked by the lake and ran away from it (up the dirt road) then back to it.. it was breathtaking!



photo 3 (26)

3. I FINALLY found farm fresh eggs! I’m sure they were at the farmer’s market last week, but I didn’t see them.. So I was ecstatic to find them this week! You can’t find a better deal, $3 for a dozen eggs that are FARM FRESH! I was paying about $6.50 for two dozen organic eggs at CostCo, but Farm Fresh>>>>>Organic anyday!



photo 4 (1)

4. Thursday was spent waiting on a reaction and looking through YouTube videos to see what country sounds I need to DL.. I made a pretty decent list!



photo 5 (15)

5. I LOVE BRUSSELS!! I got a two pound bag from CostCo for $3.99 a week back and finally made some Thursday night.. DELICIOUS! Just brussels, cooked in coconut oil, drenched in balsamic vinegar! YUM YUM YUM!!

Oh.. and I know this goes against the “five facts Friday”.. But I’m heading to a race track (horses) with my boyfriend and some of our friends tonight! I cannot wait! $1 hotdogs, $2 beers, and $2 minimum bets! I probably won’t bet, because I’m not a big gambler (my mom and I can use the ‘free money’ at the casino and play for hours.. which we’ve done on many occasions), but the cheap food & beer will be nice.. Well, minus the stomach ache afterwards.. but we’ll try not to think about that right now!



Marvelous in My Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

I want to send a Thank You over to Ms Katie at Healthy Diva Life to hosting Marvelous in My Monday. Head over to her site to give her some love!

This weekend was just what I needed. After a busy and stressful week back from spring break, I was able to go home to see my parents and one of my best friends.

I didn’t get done NEARLY as much as I would have liked. I did get an exam review written for the class that I teach, but honestly that was it. Luckily the homework that I thought was due on Monday isn’t actually due until Wednesday. SCORE!

So why was being home so amazing?! PUPPY LOVE! My little sister got a new puppy, as well as my older sister, her and her family got two little puppies.. and there was SO MUCH PUPPY LOVE! It was awesome! I haven’t been around that many puppies ever! So check it out.. I know you’ll “AWWEEE” with me!

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (2)

Yup. Adorable. There are two of the dark ones, they’re Chinese Shorthair or something like that.. And the adorable fuzzy colored one is a mini Australian Shepard.. I wanted to take one home with me SO badly. But sadly my apartment doesn’t allow dogs.. Although they are small enough that I could try to convince my apartment manager that it’s a Guinea pig.

So, I mentioned that I got to see my best friend.. well that was amazing! A few drinks and catching up, it was great to remind ourselves that over the years (we went to elementary/middle/high school together) NOTHING has changed.

Then I went back home and my parents and I got breakfast, then went and ordered my birthday present.. You jut wait, you’ll hear ALL about it soon! Then we saw Olympus Has Fallen! Great movie, but mom left about 1/2 way through because she didn’t like the violence.

Last but not least we went home and switched cars with my mom, so that they can take my car to the dealer, then got these gems.

photo 4

Two dozen farm fresh eggs!!! AMAZING!

Well, that was my weekend! HAVE A GREAT MONDAY EVERYONE!!

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