ENERGYbits review & giveaway!- GIVEAWAY OVER

So I’ve been sitting on these ENERGYbits for a while.. NO not literally! I got the package about a week before the Motor City Triathlon and decided that it was best to not try them right before a big race! SO finally this week I’ve been able to try them out! Lets look at what I received in the package.

photo 1 (34)

photo 2 (33)

photo 3 (22)

Beautiful aren’t they? Ha. Honestly, when I opened the tin my thought was, “WOW these are green.. oh wow, yup, definitely smell like algae!” But let’s put that aside and take a better look at these, and what better place to do that than from the ENERGYbits website? So I’m going to let them do some talking to let you know what these little bits are all about!

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 1.54.54 PM

But ENERGYbits aren’t the only bits that they offer! They also have RECOVERYbits, SKINNYbits, & VITALITYbits; all offering different things depending on what you’re looking for.. But as the same with the ENEGRYbits, they are all 100% organically grown algae! How awesome is that?!?! Living a paleo lifestyle, I like to get my nutrition from REAL food and these ENERGYbits are definitely real food!! I mean, what’s more real than algae?

So why was I interested in trying out ENERGYbits? Well, as a triathlete we have to train for three different sports, then come race day we get to string those three sports together for one long race. I was looking for something that would give me energy, but that wasn’t filled with random ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce or ingredients that just didn’t seem necessary in a ‘sports gel’ (remember, real food!). Plus their “Want to rock your extreme sport?” paragraph really spoke to me.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 1.59.36 PM

SO, now onto what I thought about the ENERGYbits. The first time I decided to use them was before my first swim in over two weeks (other than the triathlon).

photo 5 (11)photo (27)

After reading the paperwork that these bits were shipped with, I knew that I needed to take 30 tabs about 10-15mins before my workout. (Mind you I could read the back of the tin to figure that out, but reading the paperwork on why algae is beneficial was fun and educational!) It says that you can chew them, but you’re warned (on multiple pages) that the ‘green’ taste is an acquired taste so that swallowing them is also a viable option. I opted to swallow them, especially when I realized that 30 bits is about the size of my palm!

Swallowing them was easy.. I just split the 30 approximately in half and washed them down with some water. Easy Peasy. Then I headed over to the pool (about a 10minute walk) to get ready for my workout. I’ll be honest, I was scared that my stomach wasn’t going to be happy with these ENGERYbits, but I had no problems at all!

So got to the pool and started my workout.. Looked like this:
Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 2.09.42 PM

I noticed that I was very ‘alert’, what would also be described as ‘focused’.. Which to me was a great thing seeing as this was going to be the first time that I’d be attempting 500yards for time! Got it in 9:45:89!! Seeing as I was expecting it to be 10mins+ I was stoked!! I also noticed that I wasn’t hungry (I was getting there before taking the bits), but I also didn’t feel full or like I’d eaten something weird or extremely sugary!

So, first try with these ENERGYbits was awesome! Kept me focused and energized throughout a whole 1500yard swim workout without dragging me down.

Second try was the following day before my brick workout; 12mile ride followed by a 2.5mile run. (Yes, us triathletes are a bit crazy.)

They held up well then, too.. I was alert, focused, and felt like I could take on the world.. Well, minus the fact that I had pools of sweat running off of me.. 85 degrees in humidity will do that.. I also noticed that I was SUPER thirty during my run, but that doesn’t have any direct correlation to this awesome ENERGYbits. Indirectly, yes, but that’s because for most brick workouts I have a gel about 6-8miles into the bike and wash it down with water.. Since I didn’t need the gel today I didn’t get as much water as I normally would.. So, if I keep up with these wonderful ENERGYbits I need to plan better to be better hydrated before my workout, and keep taking water during it… But that’s something that I needed to work on anyways!

I still have a few of these left (I ended up with about 80 in my tin, so I have about 20 left) to try before another activity, however I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you guys about these things! I think these are a great addition to my workout regime! While I’ll have to stick to gels while actually doing a LONG workout/race (swallowing 30 bits while on a bike/running wouldn’t be the best idea) these are the perfect ‘pre-workout energy’!! Just look at the comparison in prices!

photo (28)

ONE ingredient, NO sugar, NO caffeine, NO soy or gluten!! These babies are like the ‘energy gel’ that I’ve been looking for! AND, you can get these just as cheap (or cheaper) than energy drinks or energy gels BUT they’re all natural and organic! I’m SO happy that I ran across these ENERGYbits, they’re the perfect addition to my workouts!

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Congratulations Gina on winning the ENERGYbits sample!!


Disclaimer: ENERGYbits provided me with the product for review purposes only.  All opinions are my own.

PRO Compression Review & Giveaway!- GIVEAWAY OVER

So a few weeks ago on my blog I posted a review on Swiftwick socks. In the comments my friend, Jennifer, from Wine to Weightlifting asked if I’ve ever tried PRO Compression. At this point I hadn’t. I have two pairs of CW-X Compression, but I’ve never got my hands on any PRO Compression socks.

Well, I emailed PRO Compression to see if they would be willing to allow me to try a pair of their socks to review. To my great surprise they said yes! Even better, they told me that as part of my review I will be allowed an extra pair to use in a giveaway on my blog! YAY! Healthy In Detroit’s FRIST EVER GIVEAWAY!

Image (13)

So, when I first got the package in the mail I was absolutely ecstatic! If you know me, you know that I love bright colors.. So imagine my delight when I open up my package to see Bright Green & Pink long compression socks! Yes, I know that no matter what color they are they will do the job, but I always love when I can wear something awesome. And these socks are definitely AWESOME!

I decided that these socks needed a great review, one where I test them in a few different setting. Therefore, the first thing I decided to do was take them on a run. I’ve been in PT for my knee lately because I have Chondromalacia Patella that ‘started’ up when I ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October. Anyways, last Friday was my last day at PT and it seemed like the perfect day to do for a short run.

So, I put these bad boys on and headed out. Let me tell you, I felt better than I have in months! The socks held everywhere that I needed a little extra support. I felt compression around my arch, just enough for an added ‘hug’, and some around my ankle, which made me feel better since my achilles likes to act up every now-and-again. Only did a short run, .9miles, but it was delightful! I decided that I need to wear compression socks all the time when working out.

So what did I do next? (Well see Not Always Paleo-WIAW to see how these puppies aided me over St Patrick’s weekend.) I decided to take them to the gym of course!! No worries, they were washed in between! Stair stepper, abs and stretching, these socks kept my legs feeling fresh! And ladies, another reason that YOU specifically should get a pair?! What about that it allows you to go a few more days without having to shave your legs?? 😉 Yup. Definitely worth it!

Next step will be to sleep in them on a day when my legs are sore, but I just had to share this and get the giveaway started so one of you lucky people can try these amazing socks too!

And just incase you needed another reason to try these socks.. with this “BLG13” promo code you can get 40% OFF!!! So enter the giveaway, then go check out to get a pair now!!!


Disclaimer: I received the PRO Compression Marathon Socks free of charge to review.  All thoughts and opinions are all my own.