Things I’m Loving.. March 8th

You know how you go on random ‘kicks’.. Well here are mine of the past week.

Moosejaw: Haven’t heard of Moosejaw? Shame on  you! This place is amazing! A few weeks ago I got a hiking day bag and a ENO hammock.. SOO this week I ordered the straps for the hammock and a headlamp. Why a headlamp you ask? Because I want to be able to go mountain biking without having to worry about completely beating the sun setting!

Shopping Online: This is a dangerous kick that I’m in.. partially fueled by Moosejaw, and partially from everything else that’s awesome online. There’s just something about walking up to you door after a long day of school/work and seeing a package. PLUS, if you used you can MAKE money off of your online purchases! Yup, all you have to do it go to the shopping site through and you’ll make a certain percent back off of your purchases! Yea, like I said, not helping my online shopping kick.

‘Green’ Smoothies: The first one of these I’ve ever had was Monday.. that’s right the FIRST one was on MONDAY! I cannot believe that it took me so long to finally make one! This kick can completely be ‘blamed’ on my boyfriend’s mother who told me how she makes hers! So this is how I did it; a few handfuls of spinach, ~1/2cup frozen berries, ~1/2 cup Bolthouse 50/50 Berry juice (50/50 means is has veggies in it too!!!), ~1/3cup almond milk, and a handful of ice! AMAZING!!!

photo 1 (1)

Cook Books: I’m not talking the cook books that are specialized in this or that. I’m talking about the cook books that help you learn about cooking. Seeing that I’ve contemplated being a chef, and I still think that I want to go into nutrition it just makes sense that I know about cooking the food that I eat as much as I should know about how they give my body nutrients.

Tanning: I know I know, tanning isn’t good for you! BUT in my defense I was pasty white! Plus my boyfriend and I are going to Florida in a month for a friend’s wedding and a) don’t want to fry while we’re down there and b) I want to be tan so I’ll look good in a dress. But, I’m making sure to get a base tan and not dark. Once it warms up I’ll start getting my VitD from being outside running, cycling, and/or swimming. Until then, however, I’m going to have to settle on a month of fake tanning to make me feel not so white!

Have a great weekend!!!



This time around What I Ate Wednesday is a ‘during exam week, pre-spring break week’ type. What does that mean? Well on Sunday I still did my normal food prep. Check out a food prep from a few weeks back featured on The Lean Green Bean Blog on March 3rd! Pretty cool! Thank you Lindsay for the feature! Also, check The Lean Green Bean Blog out on March 31st to see my food prep from this week!

However, you guys are so awesome, I’m going to show it to you now! This has been what has helped me get through this week, yes I know it’s only Wednesday.. but it has already been a LONG week. And yes it did take me ALL day on Sunday to do, but that’s because I was studying too.

I started out making the Banana Blueberry Paleo Muffins from Heather over at Multiply Delicious. Since the boyfriend is a sleepy head, I made them in the morning before he woke up, while I was also studying and sipping on some coffee. If you need to know anything about me, know that I’m addicted to coffee. These muffins are DELICIOUS! They’re the perfect post-workout snack when sided by some coffee and a banana! YUM!

Then I took a ‘study break’ at 3pm to make some Italian Paleo Meatloaf! I know, quite the study break huh? But it was delicious. And paleo. And awesome! After the meatloaf was out I threw some cauliflower and broccoli into the oven so I’d have yummy veggies for the next few days for lunch/dinner.

I completed my study day by wrapping up my studying, throwing some crockpot breakfast pie into the crockpot, and watching The Walking Dead. To the breakfast pie I added some spinach and mushrooms to help with making sure that I get the proper amount of veggies everyday!

So take a look.. Delicious!

Now onto WIAW! Yummy delicious foods for you to feast your eyes on! My eats from yesterday!

“Breakfast Pie”– Doesn’t look delicious but it IS, AND it’s veggie packed!! Sided by some coffee with coconut creamer.. hard to find a breakfast picture of mine without coffee next to the food.

Mid-morning banana not pictured.. but delicious and JUST what I needed between the gym and going back to the gym.

Lunch was Italian Meatloaf made on Sunday, as well as cauliflower & broccoli and a green smoothie! All while checking on on the blog!

Lunch was shortly followed by a bowl of fruit! A gala apple and grapes!

Dinner ended up being the last of my broccoli & cauliflower, a sweet potato, and some chicken my boyfriend had at his place. I know it doesn’t look it, but it was delicious!

photo 3 (1)

Ended the day with a ‘green’ smoothie.. Stay tuned, you’ll here all about them on Friday!

Keep Moving! Keep Healthy!