Dreadmill of death..

Let me be frank, I HATE THE TREADMILL!!! It seriously could be on the government’s list of cruel and unusual punishment. I’m sure most of you feel the same, but let me tell you WHY I had to write to tell you.

This morning I got up at 4:43am to go to the gym. Goal: be to the gym by 5:30am to run 9 miles.. pretty lofty goal for a girl who can hardly run more than 2 miles on the mill. WELL, got to the gym early and jumped onto one of the ‘good’ treadmills.

Started running. My knee hurt. Slowed down. THEN the DREAD of dreadmill started to set in.. So I bargained with myself.. Alright, so 9 might be too much seeing as my knees hate the mill.. so what about 6.. alright, 6, I can do six.. THEN 2 miles hit..

And I swear it was the SLOWEST MILE OF MY LIFE!


I should mention that all this time I’ve been watching Despicable Me on my iPad, so it’s not like I SHOULD be bored, but I was. Next time I decide to do a treadmill workout I’m going to have to do one of those “treadmill interval” things to do.


So at 3 miles I called it a run.. 3 dreadful miles that felt like 12.. You know what.. Sometimes you have just to let go of the fact that it was an awful workout. And it was. But guess what. I STILL DID SOMETHING, which is always better than nothing at all.

So now I’m at work/school and will be going up north to enjoy the weekend. Not even going to bring my running shoes to tempt me. Maybe I’ll do some bodyweight workout when the guys are playing hockey?! Just need to remember that this is a LIFESTYLE of being healthy & fit, and missing one weekend isn’t going to derail me.



It’s my ONE YEAR Bloggiversary!

That’s right! I’ve officially be on the internet for one full year!! How awesome is that?!

Well, I figured we’d take a stroll through memory lane today!

My FIRST ever post in December of 2012!

In January we played “What’s in my basket?


February was the FIRST time I went ‘officially’ paleo! So of course we looked at my journey along the way!


Gosh do I need to make some of those foods again!!

In March we looked at Nikki’s Coconut Butter.. and MmmmmMmmmm was it good!


Then April was my FIRST EVER Triathlon!!! And it was darrrrnnnnn cold!

photo 2 (12)


In May we spent a ‘day in the life‘ of me.. including food, workouts, and.. well more workouts!

photo 4 (10)


In June we discovered ENERGYbits, and all of the FABULOUS things that they can do for an athlete!
photo 3 (22)

July was filled with lots of training and relaxing, all the the same time!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.48.03 AMphoto (28)


Which leads us to August, where my co-workers and I sadly lost a friend.


But luckily September brought a new half marathon into my life!

October brought upon more races!

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 3.53.38 PM


November was full of thankfulness and an EXTREME race day!

thanksgiving-charlie-brown-snoopy (1)


And now we’re at December, where classes have just ended and I’m trying to remind myself that through the holidays,  going to the gym and running are good things!



Well there you have it folks! My FIRST year of blogging in the nutshell!!!




Five Facts Friday



1. I’ve made it to the gym TWICE this week! Tuesday I got in four miles around the gym (outside, my knees don’t do well inside) then went to a really really lame kickboxing class. Then yesterday I got in another four miles followed by some weight training.




2. I made my first protein smoothie last night.. Listen to this; one frozen banana, one scoop chocolate Plant Fusion protein powder, and almond milk. DELICIOUS! Seriously tasted like a chocolate shake.. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to start to be breakfast!




3. Classes start next Wednesday! I got assigned to teach Organic Chemistry and I’m terrified/excited! I know that it will help my understanding of chemistry!




4. My abs hurt.. a lot..seriously, at the gym yesterday I was hardly able to any abs! Sad, I know. 😉 ^^ I want her bod!




5. I’ve got an 8mile training run planned for Sunday! I’m excited since I’ve rocked my last two 4mile runs (Tuesday: 9:03pace & Thursday: 8:51pace) so hoping to keep a 10min pace! =D