21 Day Fix

So today I’ve started my first 21 Day Fix!

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So what’s the 21 Day Fix?! It’s a program designed to help address the problem that most of us have with portion control. You get different containers that correlate with different food groups.

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Green: Vegetables
Purple: Fruits
Red: Protein
Orange: Seeds/Oil
Yellow: Carbs
Blue: Fats/Cheese

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Massive food prep for the Fix!!

So I’m going to be eating in the second ‘calorie category’ . According to the booklet I should be eating in the first one.. The math looks like this:

Weight x 11 = 1430 (Let’s not do any division to figure out my weight here 😉 )
Add 400 for daily workout DVDs (come with program) = 1830
Subtract 750 for calorie deficiency = 1080

Then they said that if you’re under 1200 to bump up to the first calorie category which is 1200-1450 calories. Well, since I’m ultramarathon training and many of the days I’m training and running 5+ miles as well as doing T25 I’ve decided that I’m not going to eat in a deficient, and I will burn more than 400 calories most days.

SO: Weight x 11 = 1430
Add calories burned/day (~150+ on ONLY T25 days, or ~500+ on running & T25 days) = 1580-1930

So I’ve decided that eating EVERYDAY in the second category is going to be best for my body and my training!

Roommate and my fridge last night after we both prepped for today/the week.

Roommate and my fridge last night after we both prepped for today/the week.

I’m excited to see what results that I have by nourishing my body with the proper amounts of the proper nutrients! 🙂 I’ll keep you guys updated!!


 amount of 'before/during/after' pictures I have is getting a bit ridiculous! BUT I love putting them side by side to see results after a few weeks!

amount of ‘before/during/after’ pictures I have is getting a bit ridiculous! BUT I love putting them side by side to see results after a few weeks!

If you have any questions about the Fix or any Beachbody program feel free to comment below or email me at healthyindetroit at gmail dot com.


Starting my New Years Resolution list early!

Maybe it’s not that early.. I mean, we’re only 15 days away from Christmas, which means that we’re only 22 days away from New Years… Three weeks seems like an ample amount of time to start a list. But let me tell you that this list isn’t a very ‘cut in stone’ list.. It’s more like a reminder of the things that I want to make sure that I CONTINUE doing.


1. Running. Outside. Even in this cold. Needs to be done.


2. Lifting weights more! I’d like to get up to three times a week consistently.


3. Eating healthy and IGNORING the dessert table. I just can’t help myself, dessert calls to me.. So lately I’ve been ignoring the dessert table to avoid overeating or just eating stuff that I don’t need. So I’d like to keep that going! I have an evil sugar habit that I need to kick.


4. Start swimming at least once a week, and start getting on the trainer (for my bike) at least once a week.. Triathlon season is going to come before I realize it, so I need to start putting in the time now so that when it comes around I’m ready!


5. Not getting upset at small things.. So, this isn’t fitness related, but I guess it is ‘well-being’ related. I get upset over the stupidest, smallest, things. I’m working on it, but I need to remind myself that sometimes I’m being irrational and that I just need to calm down and brush it off.


The start of a new..

I don’t know if I mentioned that I’ve decided to not run the Age Group Nationals triathlon this year, but I have.. I decided that I wasn’t ready for the swim.. Good thing too, seeing as I haven’t been in the water for a swim (minus hanging out with my parents in our lake this weekend on a floaty) since my last triathlon.. (pool on campus is closed, remember?)



But this is the start of a new ‘era’ for me.. I’ve decided to stop getting coached for my triathlons.. While Marie was AWESOME, I’ve decided that I’ve learned what I need to know for this year.. I only have one more tri scheduled (debating one or two more before the end of the season) and then the half in September and I KNOW that I can train for a half by myself..




I love running.. I cannot wait to start half marathon training! I’m scared because I don’t want to hurt myself again.. but I know that I need to start doing my physical therapy exercises again so that I’m in tip-top shape!



I’m also going to start swimming twice a week again, and riding at least once, hopefully more.. If not outside more, I want to get a spin class in once a week! I told you guys that I joined the YMCA in my area.. so I’ve mapped out a plan of action for how to get workouts in.. This is this week!

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 9.38.28 PM


Some miles, some riding, some swimming.. and RACE DAY this Saturday! Don’t worry.. You know that you’ll get the low-down on the race on race day with my usual race day post! But most importantly.. I need to stay on top of what I’m EATING.. because while I put in the time outside/in the gym.. it doesn’t mean jack if I don’t eat right!528572_384328521597801_572450270_n



And let’s be honest.. We all want some abs!! 😉


Have a great Monday everyone!!