What I Ate Wednesday!

It has been a LONG time since I’ve done a WIAW.. Maybe because I feel like my meals just got boring and were all pretty much the same so I figured none of you guys wanted to see that.. Oh well. I guess if you don’t you can hit that little X in the corner of your screen now….

Are you still with me?! AWWWWW, I knew I liked you guys!

So let’s first give credit where credit is due: To Miss Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for organizing this awesome link up every week!

Now, onto my Tuesday eats.

My post-workout breakfast (which I totally forgot to photograph) was a delicious smoothie. Made of 1 cup frozen berries, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop light vanilla creme muscle milk, and 1 scoop vanilla Herbalife Formula 1.

photo 1 (65)

I then made some coffee at work and proceeded to sip on it all morning.. I don’t know why, but coffee at work is never as good as coffee at home.

photo 2 (65)

Morning snack is a must when I go to the gym in the morning. Since I ran out of my beloved Luna Protein bars,  I decided to snack on an apple that I brought to work but didn’t eat on Monday.

photo 3 (43)

Lunch consisted on 1/2 chicken breast, ~1.5 cups of brussels, 1/2 cup of quinoa with some pasta sauce on top. Sorry, picture is half eaten as usual. OH, I even got to have two little grape leaves that my labmate brought from home.. Oh how I LOVE Lebanese food!

photo 4 (34)

Got home around 5pm and started making dinner, but decided to try a Kroger brand greek yogurt that I just bought at the grocery store. It was really yummy!

photo 5 (27)

Dinner is always a tough thing for me to decide on. Luckily I went grocery shopping on my way home and could pick up some food so that I could make some of my First Time Curry. Served the curry over some rice for a complete meal.

photo (47)

Dinner was at 6pm, so around 7pm so I didn’t have a grumbling tummy when I went to bed I had an apple and some organic peanut butter!


Oh hey there Wednesday! WIAW #24

Have you realized that it’s been WEEKS since I’ve done a WIAW? Seriously, I checked and it’s been like three weeks or something!! You guys have probably been so sad that you haven’t been able to see what I’ve been eating! I’m so sorry!

Yea, yea.. I’m exaggerating, obviously. Well, about the fact that you’ve missed it, not that it’s been three weeks.. It really has! But anyways, before we have a run down of my Tuesday, let’s head over to Peas & Crayons to thank Jenn for hosting this party every week! Oh, and congratulate her on her little Chickpea.

photo 1 (47)

Breakfast was some a lot of coffee and some Breakfast on the go at school.

photo 2 (46)

Lunch was some chicken & veggies I made the night before.. Sometimes I like prepping my food! 😉

photo 3 (31)

Ended up going to the gym at school since I was waiting on a four hour reaction, got my sweat on.

photo 4 (23)

Then followed it with a Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar.

photo (41)

I FINALLY got to go home at 7:30pm from work.. Decided to make something fast: Pumpkin oatmeal & an apple.

Simple eats, but delicious nevertheless! =]

My Whole30 Five Facts Friday

Whole30.. You know how sometimes being on a ‘strict’ diet is either super easy OR super hard?! Well, I’m still trying to figure out what this one is to me.. Let’s talk about what I’ve been starting to realize while on this journey.

easy_and_hard-313423 (1)

1.  Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s hard.. Alright, so I know I already said that but hear me out.. I’ve been eating paleo for a while now, since February 1st to be exact, but there are things that come with eating paleo that are hard for my head to wrap around. I’ve read It Starts With Food, and I know how I feel after eating dairy, but there’s still a constant struggle for me to pick the right foods.. Which leads me to number two.



2. I weighed less, looked better, and felt more in control when I wasn’t following the paleo lifestyle. Now, the question I ask myself is WHY. That’s were there the really hard thinking has to come into play.. When I was eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) I was already eating very clean.. Yes I’d have tortilla wraps, yogurt, and white potatoes, but those are things that I like.. AND things that don’t seem to tear apart my system! So I cut out a few things, but I don’t think those things were the culprit in the times I’d feel sick/gross/groggy.





3.  I feel like I’m going to be letting a whole community down if I go back to eating the way I used to. I know, I know, I shouldn’t care.. I really do know that I shouldn’t.. But I feel like as a female we always try to please everyone, but this is one thing that I have to do for MYSELF and myself only. I want to feel fit/healthy/happy/toned, and if that means that I start eating a greek yogurt with breakfast, and have some mashed white potatoes with dinner so be it.




4. After the Whole30, I’m going to reintroduce my body to some foods, one-by-one, and if they don’t upset my system there’s a good chance that I’ll added them back into my diet. To be honest, I miss oatmeal like crazy… I want to be able to have post-workout protein bars, or protein shakes.. Sometimes I like having tasty-sugar-filled creamer in my coffee.. Yes, I know that not all of these are ideal in any diet, but I feel like picking HEALTHY over strict PALEO might actually make me a healthier person.. As stated in #2, I felt/looked/was better when I was eating a CLEAN SAD diet.




5. All of those things being said.. I’m NOT going to give up on my Whole30.. I’m on the 6th day and don’t want to give up just because there are things that I miss from my old diet that I didn’t see as being unhealthy. I’m going reintroduce, as stated in #4, and go from there..


So.. Those are my current thoughts on Whole30.. Who knows, maybe they’ll change in the next week or two and I’ll swear off all non-paleo foods all together.. I just wanted to share with you where my head is at after 6 days of Whole30 eating!
Thanks for listening guys, you’re the best!