Here. There. and EVERYWHERE!

Thanksgiving break is SOO needed. Let me tell you why.

1. I forgot my cell phone today. AKA: I feel unconnected to the world, which is both a blessing and a curse.


2. I forgot to bring quizzes for my students to QUIZ class today. Luckily the peer mentor in my class was able to hold down fort for a few minutes while I ran back to my lab to grab them.

3. It’s SUPER cold in Michigan! Seriously.. As the international students in my lab informed me, it was -5 degrees Celcius out this morning… Bbbbrrrrr!

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 12.23.04 PM

4. I need to get back into the gym routine.. I AM going tonight! NOOOO excuses! Plus it’s warm in there, so that has to help!


5. It’s Monday and I despise Mondays! Especially because we have a class that’s half of the semester that started up a few weeks ago.. so we have to be here, on campus, until class is done at 6:20pm.. And we got here at 8am.. ugh.


6. I get to go to the Wings game on Wednesday! I mentioned this earlier, and it’s funny, the Friday that I mentioned that I was going to be going SOON, my boyfriend and his parents ended up on a spontaneous double date in Detroit and ended up going to the game that night!!

red w ings

7. I get to go to the Lions game on Thursday! Which might mean that I’m not going to be able to do the Turkey Trail Trot like I’d planned.. Mostly because I didn’t realize how much of a time crunch it was going to be.. BUT, if I can’t run the race like I wanted I’m going to get up and run in the morning anyways (Friday too)!


8. I get to eat a GOOD home cooked meal on Thursday! And hang out with friends/family.. I’m excited!

9. Hopefully get to see MY family this coming weekend sometime! Thanksgiving with be with my boyfriend’s family, and while I love them, I hope I get to see my family sometime this break too!

and 10. I need to catch up on everything that I’ve been putting off… You know, like the, uh.. 15 papers or so that I need to read.. BLAH


Hope you are all having a better Monday than I am!