Friday Things & Minion Love

Heyyo! It’s Friday!! You know what that means?! Well.. It means a few things today..

1. I have to proctor and grade today. YUCK! The worst is grading because we don’t get done proctoring the exam until 1:45pm, which means we don’t get started grading until 2pm. We usually finish grading around 7pm, but I have a feeling it’s going to take us longer today since we’re a grader and a half down.


2. HOWEVER. Grading also means PIZZA! Pizza is yummy. Pizza is lent is yummy – 1. Cheese only. Oh well. But you know why copious amounts of pizza is good today?! CARBS.. AKA: Carbo loading.


3. I’m running a half marathon tomorrow! The Martian Half Marathon tomorrow in Dearborn, MI will be half marathon #5 of the year!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.50.40 AM

4. I love minions.






So it’s Wednesday. FINALLY! Let us first start with thanking Miss Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for hosting this wonderful party every week! THANKS JENN!


So now onto what happened to me food-wise (with a bit of life splashed in) on Tuesday.

I started out the morning NOT wanting to get up and go to the gym. Well, luckily when I turned over and looked at my phone (specifically on Instagram) I saw that Lisa at Run Fast Mama had posted her workout and it was EXACTLY what I needed to drag my butt out of bed.  So I went downstairs into my basement and did a 30 minute circuit!

photo (49)

This was then followed by a coffee Herbalife shake which was DELICIOUS!

photo 1 (71)

Then, as usual, I had a mid-morning snack which was medium sized Granny Smith apple. Per usual I forgot to take a picture.

Then was lunch time. 1/2 sweet potato, pork tenderloin, and some baked veggies.

photo 3 (48)

Sometime after finishing my column (science-y stuff) at work I decided to have another snack. Hummus w/ celery and carrots, followed by half a Quest Bar.

photo 4 (39)

Dinner was unpictured and some pizza.. How could I pass up pizza when my wonderful boyfriend called, said that it sounds like I had a long day, and that he had pizza if I wanted to come over for dinner!!!

Eating Healthy Sucks.

“WOOOAAAAHHHHH. Brittany, what the heck are you talking about?!” I know your reactions. The title of this post should be ‘Eating Healthy Sometimes Sucks’, but how catchy is that.. Exactly. So, now that we’re all on the same page let me talk about what I really mean.

So, Thursday I was invited to go get El Guapo with some of my friends. I politely said no thank you, I mean, I had brought lunch.. SO, my mind gets a rolling and I realize that the lunch I brought just DIDN’T sounds good today.. I had it for lunch two days in a row, so you can imagine that I was sick of it.

Well, to be honest, I don’t get too sick of my lunches. I could probably eat the same thing over and over for a week. Well, sometimes I DO do that. So maybe it was WHAT I brought that was the issue.

Photo Feb 11, 12 18 53 PM

This was from a few days before.. but it was essential the same. I had brought that Thursday; 1/2 a sweet potato, seasoned veggies, and 1/2 grilled chicken breast.. Yea.. now you see why it didn’t sound as good as El Guapo.

You see. I HATED vegetables growing up. Even now, sometimes I have to force myself to eat them.. That day was NO exception. SO I decided to suck it up, I made a side of Annie’s GF Mac and Cheese to eat with the lunch that I’d brought, which then helped me get over the “this is too healthy” thoughts.

Sometimes picking a salad over some fried chicken tenders is easy.. Other times it is going to be the hardest thing that you ever have to do… It helps, I suppose, that I knew that I was going to be getting pizza with my friend that night.. SOOOO, I suppose a ‘reward’ also helps a bit. 😉