No More 14 in 2014… Kinda

SO I had bold ambitions to run 14 half marathons in 2014. BUT I’ve decided that that isn’t going to happen.


But you want to know what IS going to happen?!?!?!?


14 RACES in 2014! So basically I’m just altering my ambition! I’m actually already signed up for 12… PLUS, let us do the math really fast….

It would look like this:
12 half marathons = 157.2 miles
one 10 mile race= 10 miles
one 50k = 31 miles

Total= 198.2 miles
divided by 14 = 14.157 miles / race

So basically by NOT doing only half marathons I’ll actually average more than a half marathon per race.. (Thank you Ultra Marathon for that one!)

So yup. Just wanted to let you guys know!!


Fri.. Fri.. FRIDAY!

This Friday is so needed. I know, I say that about every week don’t I?! But this week I’ve just been feeling poopy. I’m not really sure why. Tuesday I just felt totally drained, and then yesterday my head hurt like crazy.. Doesn’t feel a whole lot better today, but I took too Excedrine Migraine and I’m hoping that it helps me get through the day. On the plus side, I’m doing a new reaction today.. On the.. ugh.. minus side?!.. I’m doing a new reaction today.. AKA: My headache may or may not get worse today.. =/

Well, it’s Friday, so let me tell you some fun things that are going on/will be going on, in my life!

red w ings

1. I will be going to TWO Red Wings games in the next month(ish)! My boyfriend’s family is awesome and somehow I was lucky enough to get invited to TWO Red Wings game with them! One just with his immediate family, and the following the majority of his mom’s side of the family! It’s so awesome to ‘part’ of a family that does fun stuff like that! So yea, we’re going to the game the day before Thanksgiving, and one a few days before Christmas!


2. I’ll also be going to the Detroit Lion’s Game on Thanksgiving! I never know what to get Alex for his birthday (which is in July), but it’s around the same time that you have to buy tickets for Lions games. SO, this will be the third year that we’re going to the Thanksgiving game for his birthday! It’s one of those gifts that I probably keep doing because I like going, but oh well.. 😉

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.50.31 AM

3. I’m also running a race on Thanksgiving!! I’ll be running the Turkey Trail Trot (4miles) at Stony Creek Metropark at 8:30am.. I’m sure I’ve already said this, but I’m going to be cutting it tight on running/driving/showering/getting downtown.. Mostly because we go tailgate with my Uncle before the game (he has season tickets), but I’m pretty sure that as long I have everything set out and ready to go that we’ll be ok. THEN I get to do the same race the following day (Black Friday), but it’s a 9:30am start instead of 8:30, which is nice!!

Kona Chocolate Run MEDAL 13

4. Oh, I’m running TWO races this weekend! I’ll be doing the Kona Chocolate Run 10K on Sunday at 8am in Plymouth, then hightailing to Kensington Metropark (about 30minutes away) for the Girls On The Run 5K at 11am! LUCKILY they decided to start the GOTR 5K at 11am.. Which means.. 8am start -> run until 9am -> leave by 9:15-9:30am -> drive to Kensington/grab coffee?!= arrive at 10:15am or so.. WHICH MEANS, that I’ll have plenty of time to get to where I need to be!!


5. I’m having a hard time getting back into the swing of the gym.. I think some of it is because I’m still volunteering for GOTR and that takes up Tuesday and Thursday nights.. SO once it’s done (next Thursday) I’m going to make sure that I get back into the swing of things! ALSO I’m going to make sure that I get outside to run AT LEAST twice a week! Probably Wednesday mornings and Saturday mornings! Those days because I’ll be able to run when the sun is up.. something about running in the cold AND the dark isn’t too appealing to me..



I’m a Planner..

No.. not the kind that you write things down in.. that would just be weird. But I AM a planner.. (and I have one!). I like to plan stuff! Seriously, you should see how many ‘College plans’ word documents that I have.. They all have the classes that I need to take in order to graduate with whatever major/minor I wanted at that point. Yes, there are multiple. Eleven to be exact. Yup.


So it’s no surprise that I like to plan EVERYTHING. I mean everything. I have an excel spreadsheet for expenses that goes through NEXT December. I have a document that has ideas for what I want to do once I finish school. Honestly. I’m a planner.. I should have went into event planning, I’d be AWESOME at it!

Anyways. Since I plan my life, it’s no surprise that I already have the races that I want to do next year planned. No, I haven’t registered for any.. yet.. But I do have an excel spreadsheet for them.. Check it out.


Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.59.34 PM


As if you all needed MORE proof that I’m insane, right? Crazy thing is, I still plan on doing triathlons and want to get in a half ironman possibly too. But I might hold off on that until the following summer. We’ll see..

The funny thing is, for as much as a ‘planner’ as I am.. I’m also pretty spontaneous. More like I like to do things on a whim without completely thinking them through.. Not always, but sometimes. Groupon is a website for people like me.. Honestly, I would have taken 10+ trips if I had the money for a spontaneous trip and the time to take it.. Sadly I don’t have the money for the trips that I want to take.. Ode to being a poor graduate student.. (I WILL go to Italy sometime in the future!!)


Oh. and incase you’re not a runner, or you’re not like me and look at the amount of money that we pay for races.. let me tell you. It’s A LOT! The $387 is just the races that I still need to sign up for.. not the ones that I’ve already paid for, or the triathlons that I did this summer.. Aka: LOTS of my money goes towards racing. Surprise, surprise! 😉

Anyone else have their race calendar full for next year already?
Anything I MUST run/tri next year?!