Friday Things & Minion Love

Heyyo! It’s Friday!! You know what that means?! Well.. It means a few things today..

1. I have to proctor and grade today. YUCK! The worst is grading because we don’t get done proctoring the exam until 1:45pm, which means we don’t get started grading until 2pm. We usually finish grading around 7pm, but I have a feeling it’s going to take us longer today since we’re a grader and a half down.


2. HOWEVER. Grading also means PIZZA! Pizza is yummy. Pizza is lent is yummy – 1. Cheese only. Oh well. But you know why copious amounts of pizza is good today?! CARBS.. AKA: Carbo loading.


3. I’m running a half marathon tomorrow! The Martian Half Marathon tomorrow in Dearborn, MI will be half marathon #5 of the year!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.50.40 AM

4. I love minions.





Five Things Friday.

Holy bejesus it’s been a LONG week! As a quick recap, Tuesday I didn’t go into work/school so that I could study all day. Wednesday I was on campus from 8am-8:15pm, complete with an exam at 7pm. Thursday I felt like I was trying to play catch-up.. Luckily I’ve just decided to go into work on Saturday if necessary so I didn’t pay TOO much catch-up.


1. I got THIS awesome device and have yet to use it! SAD! I will next week, but with my crazy week there just wasn’t any time to go to the pool.. Getting to the gym was even hard this week!

photo 1 (66)

2. BECAUSE of said crazy schedule, I was able to eat breakfast at home all week! You know what that means?! WARM steel cut oats with a banana! WOOHOO!

photo 3 (44)

3. Sunday I did the Fight for Air Climb at the Ren Center in Detroit! A full recap is coming soon, but I needed to show you some awesome pics!

photo 2 (66)

4. I received an Ouch! Wrap in the mail.. Full review coming soon, but I can assure you that it’s AWESOME!

photo 5 (28)

5. Remember awhile ago how I said how awesome my Moji 360 Massager was?! WELL, I got the knee wrap and the mini massager! I came home to them on Saturday after my long run.. Guess who put the knee wrap to use right away?! THIS GIRL! It’s seriously heavenly!

photo 4 (35)




Five Friday Confessions



1. I meant to get up for the gym this morning.. but I decided against it.. Figured I’ll make time for a run after work.


2. I said I wanted to read Game of Thrones.. But I haven’t gotten any further in the book than the first time I started reading it over the summer.. I really just need to sit down for a few hours to get into it.


3. RUNdetroit isn’t doing their group run on Saturday because of the FreeP marathon. Therefore I’m going to meet up with my friend to run it elsewhere.. I confess that I was SUPER sad that they weren’t doing their group run.. lots of people to talk to on long runs is nice.


4. I’m not nearly as ‘into’ my half training for the Clarkston Back Roads Half, Nov 10th. Maybe it’s because I’m still running, but this time I’m just running when I want to and however far I want to.. Like this week.. 10k Saturday, rest Sunday, 5.25 Monday, 6.5 Tuesday, Rest Wednesday, Gym Thursday, and hopefully 5+ tonight!


5. I REALLLYYYYY want to join a crossfit gym but don’t have that kind of money to spend on a gym. Anyone want to sponsor me? 😉